For Photographers

Hey photographer! I know how you're feeling. You have a million questions and this industry can be so isolating. You wish you had someone you could count on to not only answer all of your questions but also give advice that actually helps you and your business - I know because that was once me, feeling lost and stressing over what I didn't know.

Whether you're just now starting your photography business and need a guide to help set you on the path to your ultimate success or you're in business already and you've hit a wall and need a push, I'm here for you. Together, we'll work on not only transforming your business but also your mindset. 
I'm here to help you get out of your own way, crush your goals, and take your business to the next level.

education & coaching for photographers

I believe what you have to offer is extraordinary. so let's unlock your full potential.

topics we can cover

+ starting your biz/necessary steps

+ branding/finding your ideal client

+ WEBSITE/social AUDITING/copy tips

+ Mindset & Biz coaching - creating a strong foundation within

+ client interaction/experience
+ and more!

schedule a consult call

I'm here to help you



30 minUTE  zoom call

A 30 minute call is perfect for targeting one or two pain points in your business for us to analyze and fix - or having your website/social media audited to make sure it's working for you & bringing in the clients of your dreams.


2 hour (biz & mindset) zoom call

We'll start by getting all of your questions answered, I'll share all my tips and tricks with you, and then we'll deep dive into mindset, connecting all the dots to solve the issues you're facing in your business and get you in the best mindset.

in person mentoring & styled Shoot

We'll meet up in person and chat all things business for an hour, then shoot with a model couple for another hour! After the shoot, we'll spend another hour going over whatever your heart desires!

Mentoring Options

schedule a consult call

sweet words from a past mentee

Wednesday W.

"I am an aspiring brand photographer and I had a private mentoring session with Kaylyn so she could show me the ropes when it comes to adjusting my camera setting and editing photos. She was so patient with me and willing to answer any questions I had, even weeks after our session! I highly recommend setting up a mentoring session with Kaylyn if you're thinking about choosing photography as a career path or even if you're already a seasoned photographer and looking to brush up on your skills!