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Intimate weddings are a gathering of close friends and family to celebrate the unity of two people. It's this close setting where two people are able to freely express their love for one another, where tradition is honored but also meant to be strayed from, as you two aim to create new traditions and unique moments authentic to you. 
Whether its in your grandma's backyard, a venue, or across the world overlooking an ocean,
I'll be celebrating you alongside your most loved people, so let's start planning.

intimate weddings

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Elopements are becoming ever popular, the beauty of them being that it's truly "your day, your way." With just the two of you or even a few family members or very close friends, you can elope cliffside, on a boat, on top of a mountain, or wherever your heart desires. The world is your oyster, the earth your venue - there are truly no limitations to how epic of an elopement day you can dream up. 
So if you want to say your vows amidst a calm mountain wind, scream your "I do's" through echoing canyon walls, or run hand in hand through salty waters on the coast as newlyweds - let's plan your dream day!


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Couples sessions don't have to be saved for special occasions - they can be a weekend date night, a new adventure together, or whatever you make of them. 
Whether you're looking for a simple couples session to document this moment in time, or an adventure session to capture you and your partner having the experience of a lifetime, I'll make sure to capture your love in all it's authenticity - and trust me, having your photos taken is way more fun than you think, I'll prove it!


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My approach is unmatched

You deserve photos that make you feel something.

No matter what type of service you're interested in booking, my thought is the same:

Picture this:
It's your big day. Your partner smiles so big seeing you in your wedding attire for the first time and a single tear falls on their cheek as they raise their hand up to their mouth, simply in awe of you.
Or imagine it's a quiet, early morning. There are birds flying above as you lay intertwined on the sand, tracing the outline of each other's fingers, the ocean at peace.
Now imagine a photo encapsulating all of these sounds, feelings, and elements that come together to create this moment in time, this precious memory, frozen like film stills from the greatest movie - that's what I create. Nostalgic, tangible memories of these moments.

You won't find any awkward vibes or stiff posing here, I'll guide you through the whole process - giving you all the tips and tricks for the best photos and fun little prompts to make your time in front of the camera feel like a fun date with your person.

say yes to adventure

There's only one thing in my job I love as much as documenting your best moments - and that's a good adventure! Your wedding or elopement day doesn't have to be traditional - you can incorporate anything you'd like - even the most grand adventure! Even if you're just booking a session, you can turn your session into a mini adventure and add as many hours as you wish for a longer excursion.
Chances are, if the opportunity arises to come meet you somewhere amazing, I'm on the next flight and ready for whatever you have envisioned. Have the best time exploring or doing a fun activity with your partner, while I handle documenting your best moments! Here are some fun ideas:

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horseback riding




hot air balloons

hot spring soaks

snow ball fights

an experience like no other

with me as your photographer

i believe you and your experience are worth more than a set number of images in some "one size fits all" package.

I pride myself on being able to provide a top-notch, unique experience for each and every one of my clients - that's why I only take on a very limited number of couples each year - my focus is on you. I don't think you should just get a "basic" package and a transactional experience, you deserve so much more than that. I'm here for you, from inquiry to gallery delivery and beyond.
Your images are not capped - every image that turns out beautiful, I will hand edit and include in your gallery. I take your precious memories seriously, as if these moments were my own. Preserving your best memories is my greatest honor and I do not take this job lightly.
You deserve someone that provides the best experience and care throughout this whole process, someone who dives into your story and really gets to know you and your partner for who you truly are, and someone who treats your day like it's the most important thing on the planet - because it is to me. 
You deserve nothing less than the best.

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here, more is more.
more value,
more adventure,
more than just photos.

It's my greatest honor to not only be your photographer and provide you with amazing photos to cherish for years to come, but also to serve as a guide through the whole process. Your experience throughout this process is top priority, but so is your safety. To me, it's not just about having the best gear and taking the best photos. While those are both important parts of my journey with you, I also emphasize the fact that I'm here as your guide. No matter what your day looks like, I've worked countless weddings, taken hundreds of thousands of photos, hiked hundreds of hours and thousands of feet in elevation.
Allowing you to have the best experience possible while remaining safe in whatever environment we're in is so important to me. So when you book with me, you can expect me to have a Garmin InReach mini (satellite device) for your off-the-beaten-path elopement, nearby food/water/gas stations/medical facilities all mapped out, tourist attractions and hidden gems for my traveling couples, and so much more. You deserve the best experience, one where the stress is gone and you have everything you need for the best day and the best photos.

"Kaylyn takes the most beautiful pictures!! We had the best time hiking with her and taking photos with her in Big bend national park."

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