Through My Lens


I want to provide you with the best experience possible...

First, I want to make sure we're a good fit. If you're looking for a photographer to sit you down, pose you for the entire session, and deliver images with perfectly airbrushed skin, I'm not them. Each session to me is an opportunity to experience and capture the beauty of your journey in life.


I want you to have fun...

I don't want you to stand around and feel awkward. So if you're okay with skipping, laughing, and maybe even daydreaming in the grass, we'll be a good match! All of my sessions have more of a relaxed, lifestyle feel, so even the portrait sessions will involve some moving around. You definitely won't be just sitting there.


I don't just want to be your photographer...

I want to be your friend! I want you to trust me with capturing your memories throughout life! 

If you've taken a look around and don't like what you see, shoot me an email with what you're looking for, I'd be happy to help you find a photographer that suits you.

If you've seen some images you love, you enjoy the feel and style of my work, and you're looking to create something, let's talk!