What are your business hours?

My business hours are listed here for calling purposes only. If you choose to call or email me during the hours listed, you can expect a timely response, although emails will usually get the quickest response as well as replies outside of business hours! As for session scheduling, I currently only do sessions on Saturdays.

Do you photoshop or heavily edit images?

I do not alter images heavily or photoshop bodies to alter their natural appearance. I can smooth skin or reduce the appearance of temporary blemishes (i.e. acne, bruises, scarring) if any of those are an area of concern for you. If a small object is obstructing the focal point or shifting attention from the subject to elsewhere in the image, I may choose to edit it out unless otherwise addressed by the customer.

What is your payment schedule like? Do you offer payment plans?

I require 25% of the session fee as a non-refundable deposit paid upon scheduling your session to reserve your time and date on my calendar. The remaining 75% is due immediately following your session. Images or products will not be delivered until your payment has been received.

 If you must cancel and reschedule, you must reschedule within three calendar months of the original session date or you will be subject to another 25% non-refundable deposit to reserve your new time slot.

I do not offer payment plans currently.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your session, you must reschedule within three calendar months of the original session time or you will be subject to another 25% non-refundable deposit to reserve your new time slot. Your deposit can only be applied to one reschedule, so if you reschedule within 3 months, and then reschedule again for a later time that is not within 3 months of the very first date, you will be required to pay another 25% deposit to reschedule again.

If inclement weather is posing a problem directly prior to or during the time of your shoot, cancellation is at the photographer's discretion. 

In the event that the photographer decides to cancel, the client's payment will then be applied to the desired reschedule session date and they will not be subject to any fees or penalties.

How many images will I get?

I do not believe in having a set limit or strict cut off for the amount of images provided to the customer. As your photographer, my main goal is to provide you with as many quality images as possible, that is why all of my services list a number of images with a "+" after it. If I have extra, beautiful photos from your session, I will never keep those from you! 

What should I wear?

If you're unsure of what to wear for your session, let me know! I always encourage clients to send me pictures of their outfits!

FAQs continued


How far in advance should I book? What if I need to book a last minute session?

I suggest clients book at least 3 weeks in advance to give plenty of time to plan for the session as well as reserve your desired date and time well in advance.

As the client, what am I responsible for regarding my session?

The client will be responsible for booking a studio if desired, as well as obtaining location and/or photography permits and covering entrance fees if the chosen location is one that would require any of these. This applies to any and all sessions.

How long will my session last?

The session durations listed are simply an estimate as to how much time a standard session of that type would take. Things such as large families or added pets, weather issues, or multiple locations could make a session run a bit late, while if a session runs smoothly, I may finish well before the session time is over. Always make sure you have scheduled enough time in your day for the photoshoot to arrive early and prepared and in the event we go over on time! I do not recommend scheduling a photoshoot on a busy day!

I'm not sure what location to do my photoshoot at, can you help?

If you're having a hard time choosing a location or simply just don't know where to go, I'm always willing to help. I can help you narrow down choices while keeping in mind lighting, background variety, and accessibility. I can also offer some personally trusted locations or trendy new ones!

What is your turnaround time?

My turnaround time is largely influenced by the duration, content, and number of clients of each session as well as the amount of sessions I undertake. The busy holiday season can also play a big part in how fast I can get your gallery to you! I usually have a quick turnaround time and assure you that you will get your images in a timely and professional manner! 

I need headshots taken, do you do professional headshots?

I do creative headshots! My goal is to capture you in a different way than other professionals in your field, a way that shows your character and exhibits your professionalism in a creative style. I am a natural light photographer, meaning your headshots will be outdoors! I feel natural lighting is the most flattering on all skin tones and with a creative background, your headshot will definitely stand out. If you are looking for more studio-esque images with a solid color backdrop, I'd be happy to suggest a few trusted photographer's for you!