About Me


Hi, my name is Kaylyn! I'm a photographer based in Friendswood, TX, servicing the Houston, TX area!

From a young age, I could be found carrying around a disposable camera, posing the family cat or dog. I knew nothing about photography, but boy was it fun getting hundreds of 4x6 prints back with blurry cat noses and the occasional close-up eyeball shot of our dog. Though the sharp, candid shots were few and far between, I was an artist, a creator in the making.

Throughout my schooling, I was always very involved in art. It had been one of my chosen electives each and every year. When I joined the AP art program my junior year of high school, 2013, I was surrounded by so many wonderful artists and teachers that inspired me to create, to be my own artist. That year for my AP test, I submitted a photography portfolio captured entirely with a 5th generation iPod, something that hadn't been done by another student. In that moment, I understood that I was meant to be an artist, I was meant to create. I went on to finish my senior year of high school doing a few senior portrait photoshoots and the years that followed with everything from portrait and lifestyle sessions to a few custom sessions.

This leads me to now, 2019. After getting married, starting a family, and pursuing photography more seriously, here I am -  an artist, a creator, amongst many other things. My talents include, but are not limited to: freezing time, transforming your memories into still frames, and enriching your life as not only your photographer, but also your friend. Let's create something together!